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Nameservers to use:,
User name (X-Auth-Username): Email address used to sign up
Password (X-Auth-Password): Sent to your e-mail during sign-up

Before you start

In order to manage your DNS setting for a domain name with you will need to log in to your domain registration control panel and set the nameservers to and

Keep in mind that even if provides a fully functional DNS service, there are no guarantees in terms of up-time or availability.

API Examples using CURL

The following examples are all prepared to work against the free DNS service, just replace [email protected] and pa$$word with your credentials and you’re ready to go.

Check out the API documentation for all available methods.

Add new zone

curl -i -X POST -d '[ "", 3600, "", "", 3600, 3600, 3600, 3600, [ "", "" ], "atomiadns" ]' -H 'X-Auth-Username: [email protected]' -H 'X-Auth-Password: pa$$word' '';

Notes: Replace with domain name to add Replace with your e-mail address, use a dot (.) instead of an at (@)
atomiadns Nameserver group, leave as is

Get zone

curl -i -X POST -d '[ "" ]' -H 'X-Auth-Username: [email protected]' -H 'X-Auth-Password: pa$$word' ''

Delete zone

curl -i -X POST -d '[ "" ]' -H 'X-Auth-Username: [email protected]' -H 'X-Auth-Password: pa$$word' ''

Update IP address for an A record

In order to update a zone record you will need to provide the id of the record. This parameter can easily be found by using the Get zone method.

Example of json returned when using Get zone method:

"records" : [
            "ttl" : "3600",
            "label" : "@",
            "class" : "IN",
            "id" : "9",
            "type" : "A",
            "rdata" : ""
Command for updating a record:
curl -i -X POST -d '[ "", [ { "ttl" : "3600", "label" : "@", "class" : "IN", "id" : "9", "type" : "A", "rdata" : "" } ] ]' -H 'X-Auth-Username: [email protected]' -H 'X-Auth-Password: pa$$word'  ''

Add a new record

curl -i -X POST -d '[ "", [ { "ttl" : "3600", "label" : "subdomain", "class" : "IN", "type" : "A", "rdata" : "" } ] ]' -H 'X-Auth-Username: [email protected]' -H 'X-Auth-Password: pa$$word'  ''

Change user password

curl -i -X POST -d '[ "[email protected]", "new_pa$$word" ]' -H 'X-Auth-Username: [email protected]' -H 'X-Auth-Password: pa$$word' ''

Terminate account

curl -i -X POST -d '[ "[email protected]" ]' -H 'X-Auth-Username: [email protected]' -H 'X-Auth-Password: pa$$word' ''