About Atomia DNS

Atomia DNS is a multitenant system for handling large amounts of DNS data through programmatic interfaces. Atomia DNS also contains synchronization agents for making sure that this data hits all of your name servers. Agents for PowerDNS (which is our recommended, default DNS server option) and Bind-DLZ are included.

In addition, Atomia DNS includes a number of clients for making management simple:

  • Command-line management through atomiadnsclient (atomiadns-client).
  • Web management through atomiadns-webapp.
  • Zone file import through atomiadns-zoneimport.
  • Helpers included in the sync agents.


Atomia DNS uses the ISC license. See https://github.com/atomia/atomiadns/blob/develop/LICENSE.txt for details.


DNSSEC support

Atomia DNS can automatically sign all hosted zones, out-of-the-box without manual labor. It was battle tested during the roll-out of DNSSEC for the Swedish top-level domain in late 2011.

Complete, easy-to-use API

Atomia DNS comes with an easy-to-use API that allows you to integrate it with your existing hosting solution. Atomia DNS also includes a command line client and a web-based control panel.

Open source & free to use

Atomia DNS is open source and you are more than welcome to contribute to the development of the product. It is also free to use.
No strings attached!

Production ready

Atomia DNS has been used in large-scale production environments for several years and was built with mass DNS hosting in mind. No matter if you host hundreds or millions of DNS zones, Atomia DNS will do the job.

Web App Screenshots

Our intention with Atomia DNS is first and foremost that you integrate it with your current system or control panel. However, we do recognize the need for a simple control panel for those who want to use Atomia DNS as a stand-alone product. For this purpose we have create the Atomia DNS Web App — a simple, intuitive control panel to manage DNS zones.

While the Atomia DNS Web App still is in an early phase of development, it is fully functional. Since it is open source you can extend it with any additional features you want to have. The Atomia DNS Web App is built using Node.js and the Jade template engine. Check out our Get Started pages for instructions on how to install it.

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